Hello from Ed and Marty

Welcome to our website. You are invited to join Marty and I on an exotic air adventure. My name is Ed Galkin, a practicing dentist and Cessna 210 owner. My Co-captain Marty Balk and I are going to fly around the world. This will be my third circumnavigation. Marty has flown a Cessna 210 across the Pacific Ocean from Australia to New Jersey, from Alaska to Russia and almost to the North Pole.

Our mission on this flight is to raise awareness and donations for Alzheimers and hopefully get a little closer to finding a cure for this terrible disease.

If you look at our proposed itinerary you will see that we travel the northern hemisphere and do not cross the equator. As we proceed eastbound each 1,000 miles gives us an hour less daylight. Our longest leg will be 2,500 miles from Japan to Alaska. Our plan is to spend 2 nights at most destinations. When especially attractive or for routine maintenance we will stay longer. Of course weather or mechanical problems can alter these plans.

Because of the long distance involved we will be carrying an additional 200 gallons of fuel, giving us a range of about 2,800 nm or about 20 hours in the air. This will require removing seats 3, 4, 5 and 6 in our aircraft. Of course this extra fuel weight reduces our cruise speed until fuel burn off lightens our weight.

Preparation also includes HF radio (for overwater communications) navigation and approach charts, insurance, vaccinations, survival equipment (life raft and locator beacon).

STEVE PELLETTIERE Meteorologist has been invaluable in helping us determine the most favorable time to launch our flight. He supplied us with weather information on all our perspective destinations and what weather hazards to anticipate. You can listen to his weather broadcast on radio station WMTR 1250 AM in Morristown every 30 minutes.

SKYPLAN of Calgary, Canada will provide support on flight planning, landing and overflight permits, fuel availability, weather briefing, flight filing and ground handling.

JEPPESEN will provide enroute and approach navigational electronic charts.