Abu Dhabi to Nagpur India

Thursday, November 8, 2018

We left U.A.E. at 9:00 AM local. As I write this, we are over the Indian Ocean. We've been flying for 7 hrs… just 3 hrs 10 mins to go. Destination: Nagpur India.
Now we are still over the Indian ocean, approaching Mumbai and have about 2 hrs 45 mins to go.

Arrived at Nagpur at 11:00 PM local and went directly to the Radisson Blu Hotel. Had dinner and went to bed.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Went back to the airport for fueling. This took almost all day as there are many checkpoints and forms to fill out. Money was an issue (it had to be in cash, USD that were sharp, clean and new). The fuel was delivered in drums, but about 200 ft from the plane with no way to move it. Some locals helped us. Since there was no ladder to reach the top of the wings, we had to stand on one of the drums. Then, the hand pump did not work. Took a while to figure out what to do and then some time to get some sealing tape. With the pump working, it still took a long time as pumping 200 gal by hand is a chore.

Back at the hotel we had supper and went to bed.

U.A.E. to Nagpur
Checking N2160S
PreFlight checking

Radisson blu Nagpur India
Radison Blu Hotel

Drum Delivery
Drum Delivery - at least 200 ft from plane and no way to move it.

Fueling 1
Fueling with hand pump that didn't work well - leaked

Fueling 2
Very HOT Needles to say, very unhappy