Nagpur India to Bangkok Thailand

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Landed in Bangkok, Thailand . We checked into a JW Marriott Hotel. At the time of our arrival, no food was being served at the Marriott, so they referred us to a nearby hotel, The Landmark, which was about a two block walk. We were able to have a light dinner and a local beer and listen to a live band.

Monday, November 12, 2018

It was a good day to relax. I was able to walk about 5 miles and enjoy the street scenes, sights and aroma of street food which I did  not try. Enjoyed an early dinner at our hotel.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

I called our ground handling crew, M Jets at the international airport and arranged refueling. I ordered 330 liters roughly 87 gallons of AvGas. We planned to meet them late that afternoon, which gave me the opportunity to have a full day guided tour of beautiful Bangkok. I met my guide and driver 9 AM and had an incredible tour of canals and rivers. Spent the rest of the day touring the Grand Palace and several other Buddhist temples, including the gigantic reclining Buddha.
It was a great day. We made it back to the airport and did our refueling. Since they have a fuel truck it took about 15 minutes and than a 30 minute taxi ride back to our hotel.
We found out last night that we need visas for Australia which can be obtained over the Internet. Also we will need  a special aerosol insect spray with specific chemicals. It must be sprayed in the plane prior to opening any door or window on arrival in Australia. We are then inspected by the Australian immigration authority prior to opening any windows or door. You must display the can used at the inspection.
To make our life a little easier we stopped at a very large hardware store last night, they do have many insect repellents and bug killers with the chemicals that Australia requires, but not high enough concentration to be acceptable. I contacted a few of my pilot friends who ferry planes to Australia for guidance on this issue. I should have a reply today. It turned out, M Jets, had the exact stuff, so we bought a can of each spray required.
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Nagpur India to Bangkok

Final approach Bangkok international airport
Final approach Bangkok international airport

Bangkok from our hotel
Bangkok from our hotel window.